With Fazua drive unit, we have finally found the perfect solution and
in 2019 we created FLOW, the first eRoad with the drivepack invisibles that combines the performance of a road bike with the assistance of the electric drive system.
It doesn‘t immediately look like an e-bike thanks to its smart, integrated design. The drive unit is virtually silent and the freewheel completely disengages at speeds over 25 km/h. It‘s also compatible with 2x drivetrains and delivers enough power to climb the steepest climb and riding into a headwind.
FAZUA was founded in 2013 in Munich, Germany, with the goal of revolutionizing the eBike market, creating a natural feeling of non-motorized bike riding.



A removable motor and battery unit that flattens your way.


250Wh - fino a 50Km 36V 1,4 Kg


Remote Control

Simple, easy and gives you control over everything you need.



The drivepack and battery can be added and removed with one “click” and allows a quick switch from a bike to a pedelec whenever you like. An additional cover is available to hide the empty space left by the drivepack once removed.

E-Bike con elettric kit Fazua

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