Whistle E-bike Collection 2021

For the 2021 season, Whistle offers an increasingly complete range of eBikes from Full Suspended in Carbon to Trekking; introducing a new model .. the Dual Battery.

The brand new Speed ​​Urban are pedal assisted bicycles from the trekking family; fast and durable for road and off-road travel. The high adaptability, versatility and strength make it perfect for any terrain and surface. With the introduction of the double battery, it is unbeatable both for autonomy and for uphill and downhill performance. Bosch electric assistance helps you conquer any path.

As for the electrical components, Whistle makes use of the partnership with the best world producer of electrical kits: Bosch.

E-MTB Full Carbon

Rocks, roots, speed, high altitude, flow and battery saving to get to the end of the trail with fun.


With a gravel ebike is possible to choose your own routes without planning them, tackle both off-road trails and long stretches of asphalt. Ideal for adventurous trips and perfectly performing even in the city, the gravel is agile, reliable and comfortable.

E-MTB Full Alu

Ride to the top and quickly attack the most technical descents at maximum speed. Our eMtbs are built for E-Enduro competitions but thanks to the sturdy suspensions, they are agile and fun even on trails near home.

E-MTB Hardtail

Dirt paths, agility climbs, demanding descents. Our hardtail and full suspended eMtbs are perfect for all types of trails.

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